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 Together We Can Make a Difference


UK Homes 4 Heroes Pride & Passion Charity was founded on the 23rd April 2010 by the Charity C.E.O Jimmy Jukes MBE in response to the plight of homeless ex-service personnel, Jimmy's Friend Rifleman Matt was Seriously injured in Iraq after being caught up in a ambush by the insurgents when the vehicle he was on patrol in hit an I.E,D in 2007.

When he left the service in 2009 Matt due to family issues found himself homeless.

he was presented by Jimmy to a local council and told no help in housing could be given "he was judged to be not vulnerable enough and was told 

that he should go Private, out of anger UK Homes 4 heroes Pride & Passion formed to fight for our lads and lassies who have served Queen and country to get them off the streets and regain some Pride & Passion.

It is estimated that over 4500 previously serving members of the British Armed Forces are sleeping rough in the UK today. With MoD being due to make cuts, this figure is going to rise.  

UK Homes 4 Heroes objectives are:

  1. To dedicate hostel style accommodation to our ex-service personnel and only them. Providing a safe, clean living environment where they can feel secure and at home. 

  2. To help gain a permanent home through private or social housing, assisting through the application and bidding phases, the charity will provide Deposits and any advanced rent payment in most severe cases.

  3. To provide counselling services for people with psychological disorders, i.e. Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 


We also have our Outreach projects feeding, clothing and giving free advice and help to our homeless ex-service personnel. 


Over the short period in which this charity has formed, the response we have had from the British Public has been overwhelming. We have had interviews on BBC Radio 5 Live, coverage in the Sun Newspaper and countless updates in our local Paper, The Southwark News. We also have a News page with the latest events, activities and stories of people we've helped. 

The reaction to this Charity has been incredible, but we still need more help, more donations, more awareness and above all more support. 

We have a 25-strong team of dedicated professionals heading this operation and we will not give up until we succeed. 


We have countless collectors ready to pick up their buckets and cajole the general public for their small change.

We have the backing of the London Pearly Kings & Queens, one of the oldest charitable institutes in Britain today. 


That is not to mention the small-business men & women, who stick our posters in their business windows and donate to us what they can. 


Now all we need is you. Together we can make a difference!

Meet a Few Of The Team At UKH4H


For nearly 12 years, the charity teams have been on the streets of the United Kingdom, helping our homeless ex-service personnel when and where possible.

The London outreach site was set up back in early 2010 outside St John's Church, Waterloo - right opposite the station. For years, Waterloo was reported to be the 'capital of the kingdom of the homeless' or 'Cardboard City' as it also became known as. 


This meant a big displacement of the homeless and now you will find our teams all over the city, every Wednesday and Sunday 52 weeks of the year . You will find the charity team Jimmy Jukes MBE - Michelle Thorpe AKA Mrs Bucket and Carl Newbold feeding - clothing and giving free advice and help to our homeless ex-service personnel.



This vehicle is the first of the charity's three outreach vehicles which are custom built with microwave, hot water boiler and hand washing facilities. Above the bulk head is built-in storage for food and in the back racked storage for sleeping bags- full range of kit to give a lifeline to our lads and lasses rough sleeping on our streets.

This vehicle  was kindly donated by our charity patron Mr Barry Albin OBE through his company F.A Albin & Sons who repatriated all our fallen heroes from the Armed Services. HERO 3, like all our outreach vehicles, carry a 5 star food hygiene certificate and first aid kits. 

It is with great sadness that Barry passed away in 2015, but his legacy will always be appreciated. 

Just a few of our  former Homeless Ex Service Personnel, re-homed and helped by UK Homes 4 Heroes Pride & Passion

Hero 5 UK Homes 4 Heroes Pride & Passion Charity Outreach van down on the Brighton sea front headed by Royal Marine David Lilburn MBE

UK Homes 4 Heroes Pride & Passion Director - Miss Michelle Thorpe who shows the same passion as all the team at the charity.

The Charity back in 2010 UKH4H held a Sponsored Bike ride from Paris to London completed by servicemen from the Irish Guards 

Sgt Chris Mounteny Heading up the Team in Northamptonshire and surrounding areas

What You Can Do

We rely on the support of the UK public to help us make this project a reality and help those that have done so much for us in the past. We give them the help they need to enjoy a roof over their head at night and the opportunity to feel safe. Find out more about how you can help. Thank you.

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UK Homes 4 Heroes Pride & Passion is a Company limited by Guarantee. Registered in England and Wales under number 7247070. Registered charity number 1138073

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